A Not-to-Forget Three-Day Stay

For some reason, instead of writing new posts here, these days I chose to write more in my diary book. It had been very very long since the last time I wrote something there! I was too lazy turn on the computer, then open WordPress, then spending lots of time in writing a new post―maybe I’m too much like a perfectionist, but so far I can’t spent just a short time to write one post ;). My mood for blogging was not that good, so I changed my mind to spill my thoughts into my old diary instead of blogging them.

Anyway, I was just back from an unforgettable stay recently. This staying activity is called Pendewasaan. ‘Pendewasaan‘ itself is an Indonesian word, which means maturity. It is an annual activity held by my school, which is participated by grade six, nine and twelve. So as its name suggests, it is an activity where students’ independence are trained before proceeding to the higher level.

There is a difference between this year’s Pendewasaan with the last years’. If in the past years the activity took place at our school, this year it took place at the Center.

What made us have to come after the exams back then was for this activity’s sake. I admit I was a bit lazy to join this post-exams activity. I thought all exams were over, so why did we still have to come to school? I was chosen to perform a shou yu (hand gesture dance) with the other 18 students. Yet the non-chosen ones had no choice rather than practicing the singing.

And guess what? It was totally a wonderful experience! We went directly to the Center last Thursday morning. After getting to know our respective groups, mentors and rooms, we had a rehearsal for our performance. I was so tired, yet I found it difficult to sleep during the night. The same thing happened to the others. Seems we hadn’t get used to that place…

The second day was the busiest, I guess. It’s full of sessions about morality, health, self-image, cyber safety and cyber crime and more. These seminars were probably the core of this activity, since I learned a lot from them. Finally we all gathered and had some contemplation, before returning to our respective rooms.

Nothing much in the last day. After having breakfast, we had the closing ceremony―grade nine performed the last, if I’m not mistaken. The celebration was somehow like a graduation to me. Since it’s a real one instead of a rehearsal, I could feel a totally different atmosphere from what I experienced two days before. Our parents were invited, making the hall more crowded, so we had to avoid mistakes as much as we could. The ceremony ended and that’s all―everyone went home afterwards.

Now I can say I really can’t regret participating in this activity, since it gave me some sensation as a ninth grader :D…


Slow but Sure

Still having the school holiday, no wonder if I have more time to write posts on these days. And not just blogging, I also have more time to continue my story—it’s the novel with the abbreviated title HSH as I mentioned in one of my previous posts. Only that the title has been changed to THW. Still in the second chapter, lately I just added a few paragraphs. But I recognized that my skill in writing increased; I was able to edit my previously-written text in that chapter, with some more descriptions to make the story clearer to the readers. So just like this post’s title, I believe I can make it till this novel ends. Slow but sure.

Beside updating THW, I also got an idea of making a short story last Tuesday. This new story tells about the school life of a boy named Steve (hey, this is my first time making a narrative with a male main character!), with cheating as the matter. Thanks to the magazine called MK a.k.a. Media Kawasan—I got the idea from its article about students’ bad habit of cheating :D.

Speaking of MK, it’s a free monthly magazine which I consider as my favourite magazine. MK contains a lot of helpful articles with many eye-friendly pictures. I enjoy reading the fiction since it usually tells interesting short stories. Above all, it provides the readers with lots of knowledge and inspiration. This magazine is perfect to me that I often reread the old issues during my spare time :).

Tomorrow is our last holiday. Luckily I’ve almost finished all my school tasks yesterday, so I can have more free time for today and tomorrow—only if I’ve done with the Matematika homework! 😛

After a Writer’s Block

Wow. It’s been a long time since I did my last post. Actually I’m still new to what is called blogging. And sometimes I was too confused about what to write :(…

A few days ago, I felt relieved as I finally continued my story after a quite long writer’s block, although it’s only in a small number of paragraphs. I’d started this novel when I was at primary 6. But I’ve never shown it to anyone. Speaking of that, I began to love writing narratives since about last year. Once an idea for this novel struck my mind, my handphone is my first aid―I quickly get it with me and type the contents of my new idea before I forget (to be honest, I’m quite forgetful :P). Then there goes the time when I transfer the notes filled with my ideas that I’ve typed on my handphone to the file in my computer. Currently, this story has reached its second chapter.

The abbreviation of its title is HSH and this is my first novel. I write this story in Indonesian, only that the title is in English. Before I was thinking that I would work on this idea in the form of manga. But then I changed my mind and turn it into a novel. The genres for HSH are comedy and drama, with a little mystery. It tells about a girl, approximately a year younger than me, called Ashley. One day in a weekend, for many times she’s tricked by her family, which consists of both her parents, her older sister, Kathy, and her younger brother, Rob. I was surprised that when I entered grade 7, I found out that the name of a new student in 7B is similar to the name of Ashley’s sister :D. So, for some reason, Ashley’s family tricked her until finally she became very angry. She could no longer put up with their weird but annoying behaviour, and then she went away and left the four of them.

Besides HSH, I’m also in the mid of my way in making a one shot manga, which I planned to be the first comic that I make seriously unlike when I was still small. So, when I was stuck in HSH, I leave it for a while and try to continue the one shot. I’ll be back to HSH again when I got another idea of what to write there.

I just realized that besides drawing, I love making stories too, both in the manga form and in the novel form ;).