Anti-Climax Days

Readers, please don’t be bored since these days I always talk about exams :P.

Honestly, I can say that I enjoy these days as much as I did before the non-stop exams. They are over now, so as what I’ve said in the last post, we just spend the rest of our time in focusing on the four main subjects. To me, if those exams were the climax, then these pre-national exams days would be the anti-climax. And the national exams would be the resolution, where all problems are solved.

Wait a minute. If last time I compared the exams with video games, why am I similizing them with narrative plot structure this time ;)?

So since it’s an anti-climax, I’m trying to relax a bit. But indeed, I will still study for the final exams.

Lately I spend my spare time for learning SAI. My sister said it’s an easier colouring tool compared to Photoshop. She downloaded some anime linearts and tutorials. I always wanted to learn digital colouring, so these days I practice colouring Kirito and Asuna using SAI and with the help of those tutorials.

Anyway, next Wednesday, it’s my turn to be the PIC of the Eating Together activity, with Mellia and Rojak. As its name suggests, it’s an activity where students have lunch—which is provided by our school—together in the classroom. It is sometimes called Healthy Eating activity, since the menu is vegetarian. Speaking of vegetarian, I used to avoid most vegetables when I was small, so I was nearly “carnivorous”. But everything changed then. Five times we have this activity so far, and the meal always enchants me!


Am I Enjoying Things Much Better?

Who did ever expect that this holiday wouldn’t be as boring as usual? Well, “boring” here refers to condition when there isn’t much to do. So back to the main topic, although I don’t go on any excursion with my relatives, I figure out that spending more time at home isn’t always boring. Perhaps it’s because I have planned some activities for these days? Not really certain, but unlike usual, these days I’m studying matematika for the coming try outs and most importantly, national exams. You know what—odd for me to do such thing on holidays, since I never did it before :P!

I also spend my time at home by playing Harvest Moon—with my sister, of course. Seems like we both have a similar taste for video games. Before downloading HM, she had asked for Plants vs Zombies from her friend and we were busy with it for days. But it didn’t last so long since my sister—whom I secretly address as “game master” for her skill in finishing a game before me—reached the last stage only in a number of days! After beating the final boss, she began to wonder if only there’s a harder game for this holiday… I also find it boring to play the same game over and over. So I totally agree with her assumption about playing Pokémon and HM, making me eager to find the solution.

That’s the story behind having another game for holiday. Speaking of Pokémon, recently we just downloaded Pokémon Emerald. Once again, many thanks to Visual Boy Advance that we can play our favourite game :D!

Beside playing those games, we also learned to make anime papercrafts. My sister had finished making one and is half-done with the second, while I’m still in the first template :P… In return for not joining my relatives’ trip, I spend most of the holiday with my family. We went to the mall, and of course, bookstore!

I just realized that this holiday enchants me more than usual. I wonder if I’m enjoying things much better ;)? Anyway, happy new year 2013, readers!

Games For Holiday

I woke up so early this morning and helped my dad in making onde, a kind of meatball-like food made from flour. Onde is usually served during Indonesian Mother’s Day, which is on 22nd December. Yes, it’s supposed to be tomorrow, but for some reason we serve them today. Actually I didn’t help much, because I only made four. I did it by shaping coloured flour into my family’s Chinese zodiac :P. It took quite a while to make one as I had to carve its face, but it’s fun!

Family Onde

Left to right: tiger, snake, pig, monkey.

Oh yes, something good happened last Monday—I finally downloaded Harvest Moon game on my PC! Previously I had been wondering, “How difficult it is to find its file on the web…” I used to reckon that the suitable version of such game is required if we want to play it on PC. I just knew it from Wilson that day; we need to have a suitable program to play the game. When I opened it for the first time, it turned out that VBA (the name of that program) enables us to access GBA games. This is a good news to me and my sister—at least we have some entertainment for this holiday ;).

By the way, yesterday was our report day. I’m really grateful to achieve the first rank for this semester :D. Hope all of us can get better grades on the coming semester!

Anime Roleplaying on Twitter

I attended the Teachers’ Day celebration at my school yesterday. Well, it’s not actually held at school, since it took place in the hall at the hospital beside my school, which is owned by the foundation. For some unknown reason, I enjoy the last year’s celebration than this year’s. Maybe it’s because last year I was involved in a hand gesture dance performance with Siti, Eric, Andhyka and the seniors, that gave me some delightful memories? While this time I didn’t join any performance, other than the souvenir handover to the teachers? I don’t know the truth, but to be honest, the previous year’s is more memorable to me.

It’s almost noon when the celebration ended, before I went home. I opened my Twitter roleplay account and stopped my hiatus—I paused using that account for a week, due to the second try out. Oh yes. Since I’ve never told about my experience in roleplaying, I’ll say something about it this time.

Roleplaying, shortened as ‘RPing’, is like representing a character by acting as if we’re him/her. Seems that there are several types of RPing in Twitter, and I’m in the anime category. I currently play as Kiyoshiro Yumemizu, the forgetful detective from The Great Detective Kiyoshiro Yumemizu manga. I usually shorten its title as ‘TGD’, and it’s now becoming my favourite story in Nakayoshi :3. It’s my sister who introduced me to this RP stuff last September.

After doing it occasionally for two months, I find RPing quite interesting to me. By having this account, I gain information about manga and anime more easily. I’m an otaku (a term for those with great interest on something), so besides that I can also communicate with the ones with the same interests with me :D.

Anyway, this afternoon I coincidentally found an amazing video of TGD while browsing for that mysterious mystery manga—I say so because although TGD has many fans, its online scanlations are nowhere to be found and there aren’t much information about the manga on the web. What makes me super glad is that the video shows the animated version, though I haven’t heard anything about TGD’s anime! Big thanks for the one  who uploaded it >.<!

Taare Zameen Par

Speaking of the Science competition mentioned in my last post, I haven’t known yet whether I’ll proceed to the next round or not. It usually takes time to receive the result of such competition. I personally consider the competition quite hard, though it’s in multiple choice questions form. It’s like an ordinary exam which requires the participants to fill their answers in their answer sheets with 2B pencils. If none of us proceed to the next round, it will be all right. At least we gain experience from taking part in the competition ;).

Yesterday I, together with my classmates, watched a film during BK (Bimbingan Konseling, something like Character Building) subject. It’s a film from India entitled ‘Taare Zameen Par‘, meaning ‘Stars On Earth’. Actually we’ve started watching it two weeks ago, but we haven’t even finished yet even by yesterday. The film is about an eight-year old boy suffering from dyslexia named Ishaan.

Taare Zameen Par

Ishaan behaved in a ridiculous way that the other kids loved to bully him. He couldn’t write well and he’s poor at all school subjects. He’s often scolded for the troubles he made. He had not changed a bit, until his father moved him to another school. The new school was the one with dormitory and well-disciplined teachers. Yet it’s very far from his house, so Ishaan had too be away from his family. Upset with this new situation, he lost enthusiasm in running his new school life. It’s a real pity that even in this school he was still very bad in learning. Every day he must put up with scolds and scorns thrown by his frigid surroundings.

Things began to change when a substitute teacher for Arts came. Different from the previous strict Arts teacher, this new teacher was very friendly that all the students liked him. This teacher was the first one who discovered Ishaan’s problem, as he had already experienced such thing before.

I enjoy this film quite a lot. Although it’s a drama, it also includes some funny parts, especially at the beginning. I don’t know why, but ever since we started watching Taare Zameen Par, a “disease” called Ishaan fever overwhelm my friends. Kenny imitated Ishaan’s way of apologising his father for his mistake recently, and Eric changed his Facebook profile picture to photo of Ishaan. It’s like becoming a new trend!

Oh, it reminds me. If my class’ “film-of-the-year” in grade seven is I Am David, and in grade eight is The Eye 10 (that spooky one -.-;), then does it mean grade nine’s will be this one? 😛

“First” yet Fun Friday

I’m supposed to write this post in the day when it’s still fresh, which is last Friday. But it’s all right; at least I can finally find time to say about this interesting experience before it’s too late.

Why am I putting quotation marks for the word “first” on the title? Actually there’s another change in the system of the school days for this semester, aside from the five-days-in-a-week attendance. The other amendment is in return for the becoming of Saturdays into holidays, our school hours for Friday is increased—if we’re dismissed at 1 o’clock on Monday till Thursday, we go home at 3 on Friday. This regulation is just been performed after the fasting month, so the “first” here describes the first Friday we practice the new rule.

In every Friday morning, the seventh and the eighth grade students gather and do one of these activities, which sometimes is called “the Friday morning activities”: cleaning the classroom, exercising and attending the devotion of their respective religions. They do these three activities alternately, according to the schedule. My whole grade took part in the same activity last year, but since we’re now in grade nine and we’re having the national exams this year, we don’t longer participate on it. In exchange, we attend the extra class of the four main subjects that is called Pendalaman Materi or PM in short. This PM’s focus is to provide us with preparation for the exams.

Last Friday we spent the first PM (which is Bahasa Indonesia, Indonesian language) in discussing about finding the main idea of a text. Bu Dian made a paragraph about Indonesian traditional food as an example. When she additionally asked about the typical food of the other countries like America and Japan, I was surprised to hear my classmates yelling the wrong answers purposely, such as oncomtape and even batagor! These false answers made the total class burst into laughter. And when she asked the the typical food of Indonesia apart from rendang, Hanny confidently answered cilung. We laughed even more :D…

That’s just the first fun we had. The second one is during the PE time. This is also the first time; the first time we had the practice. With the similar reason as above, in the fasting month we don’t do the practice—instead, we learned some theory about sports. This time we had a training for basketball. Our recent PE practice was filled with as much humour as the ones my class ran into during grade eight. At the moment when Jovian passed the ball towards Doni, it accidentally hit Kenny’s face till his nose turned red. Fortunately it didn’t break his glasses. Not a serious pain, but we, the girls who were sitting and waiting for our turn, couldn’t help giggling because he made an awkward face expressing his pain.

We had an great Mandarin lesson—this time we used our self-made vocabulary cards to play a game involving the lesson we just learned. The game was simple but it required agility, accuracy and a little teamwork. We had fun until a siren noise startled us. Actually we’d been informed earlier that there would be a fire alarm simulation later, but the siren noise was a quite shock to all of us. Everyone, led by their respective current teachers, immediately went out of the classroom and lined up. At first my class, together with 9A, moved towards the middle staircase. But then Pak Rafiq showed up and gave us a sign to use the other staircase, so we reluctantly turned and follow what’s instructed.

After that we gathered at the basketball court with the kindergarten, primary and even the senior high school students (it appeared to be a very very big crowd :P). Lao shi Chai was counting our total when we’re amused by Sri’s joke that we’re supposed to do the hand-gesture dance during our self-preservation :D. Then Lao shi noticed Jovian wasn’t there with us in the moment. It’s silly that the boys joked he’s probably trapped in the fire, whereas there’s nothing like real fire in this simulation -.-;… After a while we finally found him walking towards us, making a face; maybe he didn’t recognize Pak Rafiq’s instruction earlier, so he joined the other classes going downstairs using the middle staircase :P…

There’s nothing special in our English period, since we’re just having the tests. Followed by the second break time, then the Friday devotion—this is also the change of the school hours: in the morning, the ninth graders have the PM while the others have either the classroom-cleaning or the exercising activity, and after the last subject we all attend the Friday devotion. I, together with Lita and Vallerie went to the hall where the Buddhists have their devotion. The comedy that happened was I almost fell when we reached the fifth floor—I felt an ache on my legs (it began to hurt after the PE time) when I was walking up the stairs, and I lost my balance when I stepped on the last stair. Luckily I managed to support my body by the holding the floor, so it didn’t hurt me. Both Lita and Vallerie were surprised to see me “falling”, while Eric straightly laughed. It’s not “Humpty Dumpty had a great fall”, but it’s “Michelle had a so-called fall” :P. How embarrassing!

We spent the rest of the day by having our second PM period, which was Matematika. It’s scheduled that we’re going to have the PM for Bahasa Inggris (English), but due to some reason we’re dismissed after the Matematika time.

As what I’d expected, though this day was a super tiring day, it brought lots of pleasure to all of us. I’m grateful that we had such a fantastic first Friday experience. Last but not least, TGIF :D!

Another Year Has Gone!

Whoa… It’s been a year since the last time I updated this blog! I’m terribly sorry for that… I admit I was too lazy to blog that I didn’t post anything before. But now, as my new school year has begun, I think it will be great if I share about my daily school life for this academic year and so on. So, I’ve decided that starting from now, I’m not going to leave this blog without any updates for too long (just like what I did before).

So, a year has just gone that fast; the last time I updated this blog was when I was still in grade 7. I guess it’s fine if at that time I used to write posts once in a blue moon, since I was still a newbie. To be honest, I deeply regret that I didn’t have any records of my daily life during grade 8. So that’s why I want to make a difference this time by noting down about my precious moments here.

Briefly, my life during grade 8 was quite a wonderful one. I, together with my sister (who just turned into a senior high school student), moved to another school. At first, being a new student, I didn’t get used to the environment there: meeting lots of students with unfamiliar faces, being inside a dissimilar building, learning different subjects, following a new set of rules… It’s like being in another world. Oh, yes—that was the first time for me to transfer schools, so please be informed 😛

Firstly, I was sorted in class 8C. But due to some reason, I was then moved to 8B. So I only spent about  two weeks in 8C.

And you know what? 8B is the funniest class I’ve ever been into! On my first day being in that class, there’s a happening which caused the whole class laugh: my classmate, A (I don’t consider it a good idea to mention their names) deliberately pulled B’s chair sideways to make him fall when he’s about to sit. It made the whole classroom filled with laughter. I don’t get what was A’s purpose of doing that—perhaps he’s just a funny one? At any rate, I just couldn’t help laughing while inside my heart I was concluding that that was quite a unique class. And that’s totally right; I found 8B a really amusing class the rest of the school year.

But it doesn’t mean I don’t assume 7Amazing a great class; 7A is the most unforgettable class I ever had. Seriously. Its countless memories, the special moments we had together, the reason for changing… I just can’t forget those, no matter what.

Back to the main topic, last Monday was our first day in grade 9. My new class is 9B. Again, I’m in the same class with Lita, Sri W., Carissa, Cindy, Agus, Dicky, Adrian, Andhyka and Eric, who were in 8B before. The others are from last year’s 8A, 8C and 8D.

By the way, we just heard a good news last Monday: no school on Saturdays for this year. This reminds me of the five-days-in-a-week attendance at my previous school ;). And tomorrow will be a holiday since it’s the beginning of fasting. With this, I’ll have more free time :P!

Though I haven’t get used to my new classmates, I hope 9B can be another enjoyable class to their inhabitants :D.