House in a Snowstorm

Trapped in a tempest

Stepping through the extreme wind

My eyes dimly caught a silhouette

Where a house stood

Snow wildly bumped the land

Covering my sight

I missed that bond

That reminded me

Of every single day and night

I spent with all of you

I found a warmth

Peeking from the windows

I began to run

Against the wind

On a path

Which led me to the togetherness

That awaited me

House In A Snowstorm. That’s the title of the painting above. I had been making this painting for about a week. I seldom make a painting out of watercolours and that’s why the result isn’t very good :(.

By the way, it reminded me of when I was small. At that time I’d ever had a thought of becoming a painter when I grow up. However, since I found out that I’m more interested in other things, I changed my mind.

It also reminded me of when I was in primary 1 and 2. On those school years, there was still the arts and craft lesson. For that lesson, we’re told to provide ourselves with an A3-sized drawing book for each of us and we placed them in the cupboard at our classroom, so that we didn’t need to bring them everyday. My classmates often asked me to draw something for them in their drawing books. It wasn’t for the lesson, but it’s for their own desire. Since I enjoyed it, I rarely refused their requests. They even seemed to line up and wait for their turns for me to draw for each of them. Once they came to me in a big number at a time, until I felt confused of what to draw on their drawing books :P… Asking me to draw for them was like their common habit, but in the next school year, it stopped.

Besides my classmates, my cousins usually ask me to draw something for them too, everytime we gathered at our grandma’s house. Sometimes they also ask my sister to draw for them.

Everytime the people who have requested me to draw for them receive the drawings from me, they all look happy. In fact, seeing their pleased expressions makes me feel the same way too :)…