These Visual Activities…

To my excitement, I saw them there: Pandora Hearts #8, #14 and #15. I was trying to get them when the setting suddenly changed…into my old school’s lobby. I wonder why there were my two schoolmates, still in their junior high school uniforms, walking there together. One of them just noticed my presence and waved at me, when I opened my eyes. Yes, it’s a strange dream!

People say there’s a meaning behind every dream. Let’s see… The first one is because I just bought these mangas from the bookstore last evening. What a coincidence―the only Pandora Hearts tankobons I could find that moment was these, with Lily and Liam starring each cover :D! Guess I was overjoyed that it was brought into my dream. As for the second one… well I have no idea for that.

Pandora Hearts #11 and #13, featuring Lily and Liam

Anyway, things I do during this holiday (when I’m at home, of course) is mostly visual activities so far: reading manga, watching anime, playing computer, writing, and drawing. It’s no different from the otaku-ish holiday I had before, actually. The only thing I’m worrying about is that these activities are all eye-risking! But it can’t be helped―these are my hobbies, after all. Seems I need to practice not to attach myself too much with these things!


Too Many To-Reads Already!

If I have time for reading a manga today, I will probably read Arisa. Recently a site claims that it has reached the final chapter. And the author, Andou Natsumi, is now working on a new series. To be honest, I enjoy reading the first chapters of Arisa—the mystery makes me feel hard to read only one chapter at a time. But things turn out differently in the part I read last time; the content seems to lose its sense :(… That’s why I didn’t feel like reading it lately. But since I’m on my way towards the ending, I’ll continue reading after all. I’m just hoping it has a good ending…

Aside from Arisa, there are a lot of titles in my to-read list: Tsubasa Chronicles, x Shina!, Law of Ueki Plus, Chocolate and the most urgent…Pandora Hearts! There’s still lots and lots more actually though (sorry for the bad grammar; I’m too excited)…

That reminds me now. If you, readers, know a good manga, feel free to recommend it to me. I know my to-read list is overflowing now, but I will be glad if you can give me a suggestion by posting it as a comment here :D!

My Otaku-ish Holiday

I just finished colouring Kirito’s clothes yesterday. My colouring is almost done now, and I can say that SAI is a far easier colouring tool compared to Photoshop. I think Photoshop is more practical for image editing, so I’ll to use it to make the lineart’s background once I’ve done colouring. You know, I find it really exciting to work on this stuff. Looks like I’ve been in love with digital colouring ever since I learned from the tutorial.

I can still remember the first time I used SAI. I practiced colouring an ordinary black and white image instead of a real lineart, and it ended up by turning into an eyesore :P. I didn’t finish it though, as I couldn’t stand looking at my own messy brush strokes!

Besides lineart colouring, I spent this holiday in watching animes. I don’t know why, but I’m more on animes compared to mangas lately. I finished watching Fairy Tail 3 last Tuesday. I haven’t watched the previous seasons, yet I can consider this anime as one of my favourites. I also watched Hyouka, Amnesia, Sword Art Online and Angel Beats! recently. Their fine animation is amazing ^^.

As what is listed above, it’s been quite long since the last time I read a manga—an online manga, to be specific. I paused reading Arisa and x Shina! (short for Watashi ni xx Shinasai!) for months that I forgot some parts of the stories… Perhaps I have to continue reading them soon or I’ll forget the entire stories—just joking, I’m not that forgetful!

Now that I’m in the last paragraph, seems that this post is mostly related to my otaku-ness… Anyway happy birthday to the author of x Shina!, Tooyama Ema-sensei!

At the State of Freedom

To overcome my one-month hiatus, I was supposed to write this post last Tuesday and publish it immediately. But since there wasn’t enough time, I had no choice other than delaying it till today… Oh never mind, let’s just go to the topic.

National exams are all done, finally! This single word came to all grade nine students’ mind last week: freedom. Yeah, nothing more to worry about—except for the result, since we are free now!

But freedom is not yet everything. The only thing is at this freedom state, there isn’t much for us to do. No more homework, no more exams, no more busy days… Oops, I’m starting to miss our busy school days ;)!

We still had to come last Monday, only that it’s at eight instead of the normal time, 06.30. Nothing much we did that day; we just receive an announcement from our teacher about the future schedule. It was supposed to be a sports activity and classroom cleaning afterwards, but they were then cancelled. So we just spent our time for chatting, playing and such. I chose to go to the library with Vallerie.

Soon after we reached there, she told me she had to go upstairs to get the students’ attendance book, if I’m not mistaken (that’s the price for delaying this post, Michelle!). After she left, I took R’s Revolution comic and sat behind a table. It’s been long since the last time I read that one―quite a good shoujo, I should say―so I’ve forgotten some parts. And I don’t know why, but I had no enthusiasm in reading at the moment.

So I was leafing through the comic aimlessly, when Wilson suddenly called. He was on a nearby table, and as usual, with his two best friends: Cindy and Alvian. It then turned out that he wanted me to teach him how to draw manga. He had a thick drawing book and a manga tutorial book on the table. Both books silently told me they had just been bought recently.

I thought that was weird. I never knew that Wilson was an otaku (fan of manga and anime), like I and Cindy are. So I asked him first whether he’s interested with this stuff. He said yes, and he had been like that lately. Then, instead of reading, I spent my time in becoming Wilson’s sensei (teacher in Japanese). I have no talent in teaching, so I just instructed him to draw the atari (first common step in drawing manga) first, and gave Since he was a newbie, anyone to whom he showed his drawing couldn’t help laughing―even he himself!

And thanks to him again, he introduced two new games to me: PokéMMO and osu!. Just hoping they can entertain me in this super long holiday!

Anti-Climax Days

Readers, please don’t be bored since these days I always talk about exams :P.

Honestly, I can say that I enjoy these days as much as I did before the non-stop exams. They are over now, so as what I’ve said in the last post, we just spend the rest of our time in focusing on the four main subjects. To me, if those exams were the climax, then these pre-national exams days would be the anti-climax. And the national exams would be the resolution, where all problems are solved.

Wait a minute. If last time I compared the exams with video games, why am I similizing them with narrative plot structure this time ;)?

So since it’s an anti-climax, I’m trying to relax a bit. But indeed, I will still study for the final exams.

Lately I spend my spare time for learning SAI. My sister said it’s an easier colouring tool compared to Photoshop. She downloaded some anime linearts and tutorials. I always wanted to learn digital colouring, so these days I practice colouring Kirito and Asuna using SAI and with the help of those tutorials.

Anyway, next Wednesday, it’s my turn to be the PIC of the Eating Together activity, with Mellia and Rojak. As its name suggests, it’s an activity where students have lunch—which is provided by our school—together in the classroom. It is sometimes called Healthy Eating activity, since the menu is vegetarian. Speaking of vegetarian, I used to avoid most vegetables when I was small, so I was nearly “carnivorous”. But everything changed then. Five times we have this activity so far, and the meal always enchants me!

Welcome Back to School

Sorry for the late update, readers… Many things happened during my hiatus, but I’m just going to tell the important ones this time.

Guess what? We had just been off from holiday last 7th January, and we were to face the third try out just the week after! Instead of our school, this time the TO is from the sub-district. But although it’s from outside of the school, somehow I found it easier than the ones from our school ;). Like usual, the sequence of the try out subjects are Indonesian, English, Maths and Science. The only thing causing this time’s tests to be different is the sudden holiday on the last day, which was Science.

So here’s how it went on. I was awakened by the noise of the super heavy rain that morning. Actually I’m not sure whether it is my normal-waking-up-hour or not, since the sky was pitch dark. I was still sleepy so I continued sleeping. It took some time until I was really awake. At the same time I realized it’s still pouring heavily outside. I quickly turned on my phone and directly received a message from Erna, announcing there’s no school for that day due to flood. It was then proven that many areas in Jakarta were “drowned” by high mass of rainwater. What a misfortune…

Aside from that, there’s a silly happening last Friday. Like what I’ve been saying all the time, Friday is always fun :D! In my school, every morning students take turns to write quotes on the board. So during break time, the boys did a prank by erasing some words and letters till it formed an amusing line (that’s also the habit of my old friends :P). At that time it formed the phrase which means “big disasters are caused by Hani”. “Hani” here is very close to Hanny’s name. Seems that Ananta found it very silly, because he couldn’t stop laughing at it. On the other hand Hanny didn’t see anything funny with it, so she finally gave him a blow :D!

Am I Enjoying Things Much Better?

Who did ever expect that this holiday wouldn’t be as boring as usual? Well, “boring” here refers to condition when there isn’t much to do. So back to the main topic, although I don’t go on any excursion with my relatives, I figure out that spending more time at home isn’t always boring. Perhaps it’s because I have planned some activities for these days? Not really certain, but unlike usual, these days I’m studying matematika for the coming try outs and most importantly, national exams. You know what—odd for me to do such thing on holidays, since I never did it before :P!

I also spend my time at home by playing Harvest Moon—with my sister, of course. Seems like we both have a similar taste for video games. Before downloading HM, she had asked for Plants vs Zombies from her friend and we were busy with it for days. But it didn’t last so long since my sister—whom I secretly address as “game master” for her skill in finishing a game before me—reached the last stage only in a number of days! After beating the final boss, she began to wonder if only there’s a harder game for this holiday… I also find it boring to play the same game over and over. So I totally agree with her assumption about playing Pokémon and HM, making me eager to find the solution.

That’s the story behind having another game for holiday. Speaking of Pokémon, recently we just downloaded Pokémon Emerald. Once again, many thanks to Visual Boy Advance that we can play our favourite game :D!

Beside playing those games, we also learned to make anime papercrafts. My sister had finished making one and is half-done with the second, while I’m still in the first template :P… In return for not joining my relatives’ trip, I spend most of the holiday with my family. We went to the mall, and of course, bookstore!

I just realized that this holiday enchants me more than usual. I wonder if I’m enjoying things much better ;)? Anyway, happy new year 2013, readers!