High School oh High School

Hello readers! I’ve been off for a super long time, yes I admit it―so sorry for that! Many many and many things happened during my hiatus, too bad I couldn’t post anything that time >.< That's why I'm trying to tell everything―just the urgent ones, of course―in this post now (and as if I'm in a real urgency, I'm typing this so hurriedly!).

Half a year has passed, and I've become a senior high school student. So far in my first year in high school, I found that high school is…challenging. Yup, super challenging. High school is absolutely not the time to slack off and loaf around, even in just a minute. Literally, of course. Compared to what we had in middle school, high school is a lot different. During middle school, no matter how many tasks we had at a time, we would always have at least some free time. As in high school, daily tests―just like our monster enemies―are always out there, waiting for us to show up. At any time, they're even ready to devour us with all their might (whoops, my gamesickness symptom haven't healed even until now :P!). This means we can't relax as much as we did in middle school. There's always something to worry about, even at the moment when all homeworks are done. Wondering if there will be a pop quiz or such tomorrow, thinking of how will I proceed to the next lesson if I haven't understood the current one… Though that's how the situation is, I feel that I spend more time for playing more than for studying in a day (doesn't make much difference from the younger me, I guess ._.).

As we all know, in high school, both Science and Social Studies are split into their respective branch subjects: Science consists of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, while Social Studies has Economics, Geography and Sociology. Probably these subject splits are the main cause of this endless rush x_x…

However, most of all I can say that I'm happy with the new friends I have right now. There must be the time when I miss the friends I used to be with in middle school―I'm still glad though, since all my close friends are still here. Only that some chose to enter Vocational High School instead of Senior High. At first I thought it's a wrong decision for me to enter SHS―I found that the lessons and tasks were way more extreme than what I'd ever expect. But in fact I was wrong; they said that they also faced such extreme rush in VHS!

Speaking of my recent experience, lately we just had this event called the Exhibition Project. For some reason, this event is held only for students of grade X. It's actually the first time for this school―not only for SHS, but for the whole school―to hold such activity. This event's aim is to improve students' independence, teamwork and creativity. Each class was divided to groups consisting of ten students, where each group had to work on a project for one subject. These projects were to be displayed during the D-day, which was about one month after the briefing day.

I wasn't so interested at first. That time I thought, Life’s been incredibly busy without such energy-and-time-wasting activity. Why on earth should I spare my time for that? I thought back then (speaking of energy conserving, I’m reminded of Oreki Houtarou xD).

But in fact, again, I was wrong. Back then on the briefing day, I found that this event wasn’t something I should ignore. At least by now.

Because it sounded far much interesting than I had ever thought!

On the same day, the groups were formed. Each student was given a small piece of paper to write their most interested subject, right after listening to every subject teacher’s demonstration of what project would be made. Only subject with most votes would be chosen for every class. I chose Bahasa Indonesia since the planned project revolved around literature >,<.

To my excitement, my vote was chosen! We were asked to gather with our respective groups. And here we are.

My group consisted of Yansen, Alven, Aldo, Reynaldi, Dicky, Ryan, Yanuar, Stanley and Richard. Yeah, believe it or not, I'm the only girl here! I managed to work together with them in doing this bulletin project, though. Although most of us were so pessimistic in the days towards the D-day, surprisingly, we got the first place xD!

And now, after going through many experiences in this project, we were asked to work for this bulletin's upcoming editions. They merged us―whom we named The Bullets―with the existing Journalistic Club. Looks like school tasks aren’t just enough for us.

High school really is the busiest time a student should encounter before proceeding to the world of career. Don’t you think so? 😉