The Four Final Boss

Everything feels like a game. We can’t get completely relieved after the school exams, which had just finished yesterday. They were like the semi-final boss that sets the minor subjects aside. They also lessens our burden before dealing with our masterful enemy on the last stage—no other than the national exams! I should have written the title this way:

Coming soon: the four final boss.

Hang on. So two months of keeping myself away from VBA and the other games (for exams sake, definitely) don’t keep myself off from my game-based paradigm, do they? Am I suffering from “gamesickness”?

All right, all right, no more silly thoughts… At least we’re free from those minor subjects now. Starting on Monday we’re going to study only the four major subjects: Indonesian, English, Maths and Science. And day by day, week by week, time will eventually bring us to the end.

To describe my feelings now, I’m right between independence and restlessness. Kind of glad to have only four subjects for one month ahead, as I love all those subjects. Yet the restlessness refers to the natural feeling I have every year, when I’m to proceed the next level. It somehow utters, “Congratulations, dear. You’re getting bigger now. Say farewell to your beloved class!” I personally can’t accept that, but I have to.

I can still remember my first time in 9B—the first time we gathered together as a class. Still quite unfamiliar with the classmates, I wondered, How will things turn out this year? Funny to think that everything is different now.

To all ninth graders, let’s unleash our power for the very final boss!


Games For Holiday

I woke up so early this morning and helped my dad in making onde, a kind of meatball-like food made from flour. Onde is usually served during Indonesian Mother’s Day, which is on 22nd December. Yes, it’s supposed to be tomorrow, but for some reason we serve them today. Actually I didn’t help much, because I only made four. I did it by shaping coloured flour into my family’s Chinese zodiac :P. It took quite a while to make one as I had to carve its face, but it’s fun!

Family Onde

Left to right: tiger, snake, pig, monkey.

Oh yes, something good happened last Monday—I finally downloaded Harvest Moon game on my PC! Previously I had been wondering, “How difficult it is to find its file on the web…” I used to reckon that the suitable version of such game is required if we want to play it on PC. I just knew it from Wilson that day; we need to have a suitable program to play the game. When I opened it for the first time, it turned out that VBA (the name of that program) enables us to access GBA games. This is a good news to me and my sister—at least we have some entertainment for this holiday ;).

By the way, yesterday was our report day. I’m really grateful to achieve the first rank for this semester :D. Hope all of us can get better grades on the coming semester!

Another Year Has Gone!

Whoa… It’s been a year since the last time I updated this blog! I’m terribly sorry for that… I admit I was too lazy to blog that I didn’t post anything before. But now, as my new school year has begun, I think it will be great if I share about my daily school life for this academic year and so on. So, I’ve decided that starting from now, I’m not going to leave this blog without any updates for too long (just like what I did before).

So, a year has just gone that fast; the last time I updated this blog was when I was still in grade 7. I guess it’s fine if at that time I used to write posts once in a blue moon, since I was still a newbie. To be honest, I deeply regret that I didn’t have any records of my daily life during grade 8. So that’s why I want to make a difference this time by noting down about my precious moments here.

Briefly, my life during grade 8 was quite a wonderful one. I, together with my sister (who just turned into a senior high school student), moved to another school. At first, being a new student, I didn’t get used to the environment there: meeting lots of students with unfamiliar faces, being inside a dissimilar building, learning different subjects, following a new set of rules… It’s like being in another world. Oh, yes—that was the first time for me to transfer schools, so please be informed 😛

Firstly, I was sorted in class 8C. But due to some reason, I was then moved to 8B. So I only spent about  two weeks in 8C.

And you know what? 8B is the funniest class I’ve ever been into! On my first day being in that class, there’s a happening which caused the whole class laugh: my classmate, A (I don’t consider it a good idea to mention their names) deliberately pulled B’s chair sideways to make him fall when he’s about to sit. It made the whole classroom filled with laughter. I don’t get what was A’s purpose of doing that—perhaps he’s just a funny one? At any rate, I just couldn’t help laughing while inside my heart I was concluding that that was quite a unique class. And that’s totally right; I found 8B a really amusing class the rest of the school year.

But it doesn’t mean I don’t assume 7Amazing a great class; 7A is the most unforgettable class I ever had. Seriously. Its countless memories, the special moments we had together, the reason for changing… I just can’t forget those, no matter what.

Back to the main topic, last Monday was our first day in grade 9. My new class is 9B. Again, I’m in the same class with Lita, Sri W., Carissa, Cindy, Agus, Dicky, Adrian, Andhyka and Eric, who were in 8B before. The others are from last year’s 8A, 8C and 8D.

By the way, we just heard a good news last Monday: no school on Saturdays for this year. This reminds me of the five-days-in-a-week attendance at my previous school ;). And tomorrow will be a holiday since it’s the beginning of fasting. With this, I’ll have more free time :P!

Though I haven’t get used to my new classmates, I hope 9B can be another enjoyable class to their inhabitants :D.