These Visual Activities…

To my excitement, I saw them there: Pandora Hearts #8, #14 and #15. I was trying to get them when the setting suddenly changed…into my old school’s lobby. I wonder why there were my two schoolmates, still in their junior high school uniforms, walking there together. One of them just noticed my presence and waved at me, when I opened my eyes. Yes, it’s a strange dream!

People say there’s a meaning behind every dream. Let’s see… The first one is because I just bought these mangas from the bookstore last evening. What a coincidence―the only Pandora Hearts tankobons I could find that moment was these, with Lily and Liam starring each cover :D! Guess I was overjoyed that it was brought into my dream. As for the second one… well I have no idea for that.

Pandora Hearts #11 and #13, featuring Lily and Liam

Anyway, things I do during this holiday (when I’m at home, of course) is mostly visual activities so far: reading manga, watching anime, playing computer, writing, and drawing. It’s no different from the otaku-ish holiday I had before, actually. The only thing I’m worrying about is that these activities are all eye-risking! But it can’t be helped―these are my hobbies, after all. Seems I need to practice not to attach myself too much with these things!