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About me

My name is Michelle and I’m 14. Though I’m an Indonesian, I use English here. I’m just an ordinary girl who love drawing, reading and writing. Imagining things… That’s what I enjoy since I was small. And that’s why I’m amazed with things related to stories—no wonder that I want to be a cartoonist and a novelist when I get bigger later. I’m a big fan of manga and anime. I’m also a Potterhead ;)!

Speaking of this blog’s name, I chose the word “snow” as I love snow. On the other hand, the “footprints” refers to the things happening throughout my life. So overall, “Snow Footprints” means the sparkling moments which are “carved” into my life.

Comments? Don’t hesitate to leave them here in this blog, readers! I’d love to accept them as long as they are related to my posts. Good comments make my blog better. So again, if you have one or more, just leave them here without hesitation. Happy viewing anyway, readers!


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