These Visual Activities…

To my excitement, I saw them there: Pandora Hearts #8, #14 and #15. I was trying to get them when the setting suddenly changed…into my old school’s lobby. I wonder why there were my two schoolmates, still in their junior high school uniforms, walking there together. One of them just noticed my presence and waved at me, when I opened my eyes. Yes, it’s a strange dream!

People say there’s a meaning behind every dream. Let’s see… The first one is because I just bought these mangas from the bookstore last evening. What a coincidence―the only Pandora Hearts tankobons I could find that moment was these, with Lily and Liam starring each cover :D! Guess I was overjoyed that it was brought into my dream. As for the second one… well I have no idea for that.

Pandora Hearts #11 and #13, featuring Lily and Liam

Anyway, things I do during this holiday (when I’m at home, of course) is mostly visual activities so far: reading manga, watching anime, playing computer, writing, and drawing. It’s no different from the otaku-ish holiday I had before, actually. The only thing I’m worrying about is that these activities are all eye-risking! But it can’t be helped―these are my hobbies, after all. Seems I need to practice not to attach myself too much with these things!


The Hands-Shaking Day

It was 10 a.m. when I checked the web that announces students’ result for the national exams. This might sound exaggerating, but my hands were almost freezing while waiting for the page to load. After a few seconds, the result popped out before my eyes. Not bad―I got 9 for Bahasa Indonesia, English and Maths, and 8 for Science. The only thing wrong is I only lost one point to get perfect in Maths, as what I had targeted before. But never mind; at least I’ve done my best to defeat the final boss.

Again, if these school years are a game… The final boss has been beaten, which means we’re now close to the credits. Oops, another “gamesickness” symptom ;)!

Last Monday, as what had been announced last week, we came to school. The time to go to school had not been specified, so we could go there at any time we wished. What we did that time were simply recognizing our teachers by shaking their hands. The first that came to the teachers’ room to do this were I, Virgin, Vallerie, Carissa and Sri. All the teachers were happy because we all passed. After a while, the others arrived and did the same thing. We, who had done with the hands-shaking, waited outside the room while watching them. What made us laugh was they looked so nervous that they even lined up in doing it!

By the way, I’m really glad to know that everyone passed :D.


The shortest title ever for my blog post. That’s right; I, together with all other ninth graders, are currently waiting. From now, it takes less than an hour before we can see our national exams result. Just hoping for the best for everyone!

Anyway it reminds me. Seems that try outs and PMs help me a lot in those exams—I didn’t feel any new difficulty in working on any of the four subjects, honestly. To me, they only felt like our last-of-the-last try out. Only that since it’s an exam, we had to be really serious in doing it. Many thanks to our teachers for their patience in teaching us. And of course, to my family for their help and support ;).

I guess there’s nothing more to talk about here. Just a few minutes to go, and we’ll be able to check our result on the web. Again, best of luck to all of us :D!