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Too Many To-Reads Already!

If I have time for reading a manga today, I will probably read Arisa. Recently a site claims that it has reached the final chapter. And the author, Andou Natsumi, is now working on a new series. To be honest, I enjoy reading the first chapters of Arisa—the mystery makes me feel hard to read only one chapter at a time. But things turn out differently in the part I read last time; the content seems to lose its sense :(… That’s why I didn’t feel like reading it lately. But since I’m on my way towards the ending, I’ll continue reading after all. I’m just hoping it has a good ending…

Aside from Arisa, there are a lot of titles in my to-read list: Tsubasa Chronicles, x Shina!, Law of Ueki Plus, Chocolate and the most urgent…Pandora Hearts! There’s still lots and lots more actually though (sorry for the bad grammar; I’m too excited)…

That reminds me now. If you, readers, know a good manga, feel free to recommend it to me. I know my to-read list is overflowing now, but I will be glad if you can give me a suggestion by posting it as a comment here :D!


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