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The Second Practical Exam

Now that I think of it… These days I’m active on three blogs: Snow Footprints, Fluttering Walnut and Diary of 9B (aka grade 9B’s blog). In Fluttering Walnut, just like what I’ve said before, is my journal blog in Indonesian. While what I share in Diary of 9B—as its name suggests—are the entries about my class and the things happening at school. So the main point is I make use of those three as journal blogs; no wonder that I’m often confused of where to post :P! It’s December tomorrow, and I left Fluttering Walnut not updated for a month. I have an idea of turning the blog function into something else, so that I will no longer be puzzled ;).

Today’s practical exam is English. It’s a speaking test where students describe about two topics in front of the class. The first topic is about someone, while the second is about something. I described about J.K. Rowling (my favourite author :D) for “someone” and clipboard for “something”.

After school, my SBK group went to the music room. The other members continued making the dancing properties, which are like staff-shaped microphones. Meanwhile I was using the school’s organ (or keyboard?) inside that room to compose a tune, together with my group mates. That tune will be used for the B. Indonesia practical exam, which is poem musicalisation.

TGIF, I can finally have another long breath this weekend… And I’ll say hello again to the coming practical exams on Monday till Wednesday :P!


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