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Next Comes Science

Yesterday was supposed to be a busy Friday as usual, unless I didn’t receive a that announcement. If last month I took part in a super hard Matematika competition, this time I was chosen, again, to be the representative of my school in an IPA (Science in Indonesian) competition. This is the second time for me, as I had participated in such event during grade eight.

I and my classmates had just begun our afternoon PM subject, when suddenly I was called to go upstairs. What surprised me was that I was even told to bring all my belongings with me, which means I didn’t have to join the rest of the subject! While I was packing my things, Kenny said, “Hold on. If we let Michelle go, then who’s gonna tell us the answers?” Everyone laughed. He’s quite right; in every Matematika PM, we always work together in doing the exercise given by Bu Detty. And I usually teach my friends the questions they don’t understand as they asked me. Then how would it be if I left them in that particular subject :P?

It turned out that the other representatives for grade nine were Dandy, Winalif, Indah and Alvian. Beside us, there were also the seventh and the eighth graders. Then Pak Rafiq gave us some information about the competition, like when would it be held and what should we learn.

Although the competition will be held tomorrow, fortunately we, the ninth graders, only need to review this semester’s lesson. Wish us luck for tomorrow ;)!


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