The Second Practical Exam

Now that I think of it… These days I’m active on three blogs: Snow Footprints, Fluttering Walnut and Diary of 9B (aka grade 9B’s blog). In Fluttering Walnut, just like what I’ve said before, is my journal blog in Indonesian. While what I share in Diary of 9B—as its name suggests—are the entries about my class and the things happening at school. So the main point is I make use of those three as journal blogs; no wonder that I’m often confused of where to post :P! It’s December tomorrow, and I left Fluttering Walnut not updated for a month. I have an idea of turning the blog function into something else, so that I will no longer be puzzled ;).

Today’s practical exam is English. It’s a speaking test where students describe about two topics in front of the class. The first topic is about someone, while the second is about something. I described about J.K. Rowling (my favourite author :D) for “someone” and clipboard for “something”.

After school, my SBK group went to the music room. The other members continued making the dancing properties, which are like staff-shaped microphones. Meanwhile I was using the school’s organ (or keyboard?) inside that room to compose a tune, together with my group mates. That tune will be used for the B. Indonesia practical exam, which is poem musicalisation.

TGIF, I can finally have another long breath this weekend… And I’ll say hello again to the coming practical exams on Monday till Wednesday :P!


The First Practical Exam

At least I can take a long breath now. The very busy usual school days has ended yesterday, meaning we don’t have any more homework to do during the following days…except studying for the practical exams :P. The first practical exam, Mandarin, is held today.

This Mandarin practical exam somewhat reminds me of the Mandarin oral tests in my old school. It is a conversation test, but unlike the one I joined in grade eight—which required students to converse with each other, in this test we only need to answer the questions asked by the teacher. In other words, the teacher is the one conversing with us. The answer must be according to the data given to the student, which is in the form of table. Recently my class had such test from the same material as a daily practical test, but it was easier because it had the pin yin (Mandarin pronunciation) of each word on it. But this time, it only has the Indonesian meaning! Thanks to the last-minute practice, I got 88 :P.

When the exam was over, I and the other members of my SBK dance group started to make our properties. Those were made out of recycled materials, such as unused plastic bottles. The process includes finding the materials and making the properties. What a tiring job!

I wish with this elbow grease done today, we can perform as well as possible on Monday. Good luck, 9B girls!

Anime Roleplaying on Twitter

I attended the Teachers’ Day celebration at my school yesterday. Well, it’s not actually held at school, since it took place in the hall at the hospital beside my school, which is owned by the foundation. For some unknown reason, I enjoy the last year’s celebration than this year’s. Maybe it’s because last year I was involved in a hand gesture dance performance with Siti, Eric, Andhyka and the seniors, that gave me some delightful memories? While this time I didn’t join any performance, other than the souvenir handover to the teachers? I don’t know the truth, but to be honest, the previous year’s is more memorable to me.

It’s almost noon when the celebration ended, before I went home. I opened my Twitter roleplay account and stopped my hiatus—I paused using that account for a week, due to the second try out. Oh yes. Since I’ve never told about my experience in roleplaying, I’ll say something about it this time.

Roleplaying, shortened as ‘RPing’, is like representing a character by acting as if we’re him/her. Seems that there are several types of RPing in Twitter, and I’m in the anime category. I currently play as Kiyoshiro Yumemizu, the forgetful detective from The Great Detective Kiyoshiro Yumemizu manga. I usually shorten its title as ‘TGD’, and it’s now becoming my favourite story in Nakayoshi :3. It’s my sister who introduced me to this RP stuff last September.

After doing it occasionally for two months, I find RPing quite interesting to me. By having this account, I gain information about manga and anime more easily. I’m an otaku (a term for those with great interest on something), so besides that I can also communicate with the ones with the same interests with me :D.

Anyway, this afternoon I coincidentally found an amazing video of TGD while browsing for that mysterious mystery manga—I say so because although TGD has many fans, its online scanlations are nowhere to be found and there aren’t much information about the manga on the web. What makes me super glad is that the video shows the animated version, though I haven’t heard anything about TGD’s anime! Big thanks for the one  who uploaded it >.<!

Taare Zameen Par

Speaking of the Science competition mentioned in my last post, I haven’t known yet whether I’ll proceed to the next round or not. It usually takes time to receive the result of such competition. I personally consider the competition quite hard, though it’s in multiple choice questions form. It’s like an ordinary exam which requires the participants to fill their answers in their answer sheets with 2B pencils. If none of us proceed to the next round, it will be all right. At least we gain experience from taking part in the competition ;).

Yesterday I, together with my classmates, watched a film during BK (Bimbingan Konseling, something like Character Building) subject. It’s a film from India entitled ‘Taare Zameen Par‘, meaning ‘Stars On Earth’. Actually we’ve started watching it two weeks ago, but we haven’t even finished yet even by yesterday. The film is about an eight-year old boy suffering from dyslexia named Ishaan.

Taare Zameen Par

Ishaan behaved in a ridiculous way that the other kids loved to bully him. He couldn’t write well and he’s poor at all school subjects. He’s often scolded for the troubles he made. He had not changed a bit, until his father moved him to another school. The new school was the one with dormitory and well-disciplined teachers. Yet it’s very far from his house, so Ishaan had too be away from his family. Upset with this new situation, he lost enthusiasm in running his new school life. It’s a real pity that even in this school he was still very bad in learning. Every day he must put up with scolds and scorns thrown by his frigid surroundings.

Things began to change when a substitute teacher for Arts came. Different from the previous strict Arts teacher, this new teacher was very friendly that all the students liked him. This teacher was the first one who discovered Ishaan’s problem, as he had already experienced such thing before.

I enjoy this film quite a lot. Although it’s a drama, it also includes some funny parts, especially at the beginning. I don’t know why, but ever since we started watching Taare Zameen Par, a “disease” called Ishaan fever overwhelm my friends. Kenny imitated Ishaan’s way of apologising his father for his mistake recently, and Eric changed his Facebook profile picture to photo of Ishaan. It’s like becoming a new trend!

Oh, it reminds me. If my class’ “film-of-the-year” in grade seven is I Am David, and in grade eight is The Eye 10 (that spooky one -.-;), then does it mean grade nine’s will be this one? 😛

Next Comes Science

Yesterday was supposed to be a busy Friday as usual, unless I didn’t receive a that announcement. If last month I took part in a super hard Matematika competition, this time I was chosen, again, to be the representative of my school in an IPA (Science in Indonesian) competition. This is the second time for me, as I had participated in such event during grade eight.

I and my classmates had just begun our afternoon PM subject, when suddenly I was called to go upstairs. What surprised me was that I was even told to bring all my belongings with me, which means I didn’t have to join the rest of the subject! While I was packing my things, Kenny said, “Hold on. If we let Michelle go, then who’s gonna tell us the answers?” Everyone laughed. He’s quite right; in every Matematika PM, we always work together in doing the exercise given by Bu Detty. And I usually teach my friends the questions they don’t understand as they asked me. Then how would it be if I left them in that particular subject :P?

It turned out that the other representatives for grade nine were Dandy, Winalif, Indah and Alvian. Beside us, there were also the seventh and the eighth graders. Then Pak Rafiq gave us some information about the competition, like when would it be held and what should we learn.

Although the competition will be held tomorrow, fortunately we, the ninth graders, only need to review this semester’s lesson. Wish us luck for tomorrow ;)!

Reunion, at Last!

Sorry to keep you waiting, readers. Due to the slow internet connection, I couldn’t post for some time. But fortunately WordPress is accessible now, so I can publish a post :).

Besides the bad connection, my activities also became the cause of this hiatus. Many things turned out these days, which includes my new blog registration last September. I named it Fluttering Walnut. It’s my first blog on Blogger, and it’s also the first blog I write using Indonesian. Just like in Snow Footprints, the posts I made there are also about my daily life. And, of course, the content there is different from what can be found here. Everyone is welcomed to that site to read my entries in Indonesian.

But aside from that, I have another interesting experience to tell. A wonderful thing happened on last 20th October—I met my old friends :D! Thanks to Kathy; earlier she had invited me to the open house held at St. Nick (my previous school’s name for short). My sister was also invited by her old friend, so we went there together.

In the morning before going to St. Nick, both my sister and I had our reports. Not bad, except for PE. Then I noticed I wasn’t the only student with unsatisfactory mark on that subject; some girls in my class didn’t reach the passing score. We had to accept the truth that just by adding a little mark to our scores, we would have passed on that subject ;).

After having our reports, I and my sister went home to prepare ourselves. We arrived there around ten o’clock. And guess what? I was really touched by the time I reached my old school. It’s been a year since my last visit, and at the moment that building stood in front of me, with many people swarming over it. That nostalgic scenery made my heart pound, meaning I couldn’t wait to meet my old schoolmates…

Firstly I met Gresiella, Kathy, Velda and Jennifer. They were selling iced soy milk, so I bought one from them. Then grade 9A at their shop, selling foods like fried chicken. 9A’s shop was called Warung Te9Al—a modified form of Warung Tegal which means a kind of foods stall, if I’m correct. 9B also sold foods, and just like 7C in the last two years, they included suikiaw in their shop. I tasted the suikiaw, and it’s as good as before!

While I was wondering the whereabouts of my other old friends whom I didn’t met in the moment, my attention was distracted to the stage. The two MCs, Ms. Thessa and another female teacher, proclaimed that the dancing contest was about to begin. It’s a group dancing contest, and the first contestant was the representatives from St. Nick junior high school. To my surprise, they were Marcelline, Silvia, Shella, Angela and Fiona :D! I don’t know why did they performed in their poker faces, but their performance was great.

Even now I’m really thankful that I paid a visit to St. Nick during that day. All my old friends, including the boys, looked so glad by the time they met me. The same thing occurred to me—I was also pleased to see them again :D!