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The First Dancing Practice

Yesterday is as tiring as the usual Fridays. Actually it’s supposed to be less tiring, because this time there wasn’t any PM subject after the Friday devotion. But it turned out differently since I had my first dancing practice with my group mates.

This practice is for the sake of our coming SBK (Seni Budaya dan Keterampilan, or arts and crafts) lesson. Last Tuesday Bu Paksi had announced about the group dancing activity. I had agreed to affiliate with the group I’d used to have during the previous SBK singing activity: Hanny, Eric, Cindy and Andhyka, when she declared that this time students should be classified to the groups of five, according to their respective genders. So we split up with Eric and Andhyka. But then we became confused of whom to affiliate with. After discussing with the other girls, we got an idea to have all girls teaming up together so that we can perform all together as one. We asked for Bu Paksi’s permission for this, and she agreed.

The dancing practice was chaired by Hanny. We practiced on the fifth floor—not in the hall where the Buddhists usually have their devotion (anyway it’s under service yesterday, so we had the devotion on the third floor of the primary students’ building), but the fifth floor that doesn’t connect to the hall and can only be reached by using the middle staircase. Since we couldn’t find Sri after the devotion, we carried out the practice without her. Eric, Andhyka, Willy, Wilson, Alvian and even Dandy came and watched us. It turned out that Eric brought his laptop and showed us some dance suggestions. The only thing silly was that he shyly took it out from the case, giggling, and saying it’s an iPad, with I and Melia watching him, wondering.

First of  all we assigned our positions. It took quite a long time, before we finally began our practice. We danced to AKB48’s song (or JKT48?) entitled Heavy Rotation. Since Hanny had already mastered the movements (seems it’s her favourite song), she’s the one who coached us. And the leader-spirited Wilson taught her how to coach us, so that the pupils wouldn’t have difficulty to follow her. Funny to think that Wilson was the teacher of our teacher :P.

Too bad we’re supposed to have a quicker and less tiring training if we’d done it more seriously. We only had learned the first part of the song, before we’re finally dismissed. Again, another exhausting Friday. But again, another joy we had :D!


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