Slow but Sure

Still having the school holiday, no wonder if I have more time to write posts on these days. And not just blogging, I also have more time to continue my story—it’s the novel with the abbreviated title HSH as I mentioned in one of my previous posts. Only that the title has been changed to THW. Still in the second chapter, lately I just added a few paragraphs. But I recognized that my skill in writing increased; I was able to edit my previously-written text in that chapter, with some more descriptions to make the story clearer to the readers. So just like this post’s title, I believe I can make it till this novel ends. Slow but sure.

Beside updating THW, I also got an idea of making a short story last Tuesday. This new story tells about the school life of a boy named Steve (hey, this is my first time making a narrative with a male main character!), with cheating as the matter. Thanks to the magazine called MK a.k.a. Media Kawasan—I got the idea from its article about students’ bad habit of cheating :D.

Speaking of MK, it’s a free monthly magazine which I consider as my favourite magazine. MK contains a lot of helpful articles with many eye-friendly pictures. I enjoy reading the fiction since it usually tells interesting short stories. Above all, it provides the readers with lots of knowledge and inspiration. This magazine is perfect to me that I often reread the old issues during my spare time :).

Tomorrow is our last holiday. Luckily I’ve almost finished all my school tasks yesterday, so I can have more free time for today and tomorrow—only if I’ve done with the Matematika homework! 😛


Getting Used to the New Surroundings

Another delay, though there were stuffs to write… But never mind. If I postpone another entry next time, I’ll make sure to have it less than a month. And I hope I can truly keep this promise.

A month has passed, and from that I figured out that life in grade nine is quite different from the one in grade eight. As we’re facing the national exams at the end of the school year, most of our teachers lectured us about that topic lately, especially in our first meetings. Besides, they also said that we need to catch up with our lessons in this semester, since we’ll only be focusing on the main subjects for the exams starting from January.

My new classmates makes me encounter a different atmosphere. At first, I didn’t feel very well with the new class. But now I can conclude that the more time I spend with them, the more I consider them not too bad—in fact, they also make my school days fun (just like what my classmates do during the previous years).

However, the only thing wrong with 9B (including me) is that we are too…passive. That’s what most teachers say about our class. And it’s true; in some subjects, we don’t usually ask questions to the teachers though there’s a part of the lesson that we don’t understand. This blind spot makes a big difference between my current class with my previous class. In 8B, there are some classmates whom I label “the active questioners”. The people I mean are the brave ones who spontaneously submits questions to the teachers, just right when they come across stuffs they don’t understand. For instance, they are Wilson, Fariz and Alvian. 7A has many. Actually, I somewhat admire those people who seem to be more confident than me. I admit that I’m an introvert, and I wish, little by little, I can be like them too. An old friend taught me how great it is to be sociable. I’m grateful for her advice—well, she’s actually one of the friends I appreciate most :). And that’s why I started to be more active since the beginning of this academic year.

Last but not least, I also borrowed Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince book from the library during the second till the third school week. I’ve been a fan of Harry Potter ever since I read the first book when I was in primary six. Have only done with the first few chapters of the sixth book, but I find it very interesting—as usual ;). These days we’re having the Idul Fitri holiday, so I’ll borrow it again when the school starts.

Anyway, last Friday was commemorated as Indonesia’s independence day. So, happy belated anniversary to my beloved country ;)!