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Studying in the Lab

Since Monday, something went wrong with the AC in my classroom―its water was dripping. And that incident caused many problems to both the teachers and the students, such as:

    1. the water from the AC made the classroom’s floor very dirty and slippery. So we had to get a mop to wipe it out for many times;
    2. the teachers could hardly reach the whiteboard, because the floor in front of it was wet;
    3. we also had to get a bucket and place it under the AC to collect the dripping water;
    4. but it wasn’t a good idea, because the bucket moved every time someone accidentally kicked it. And it caused the water to drip (again) on the floor;
    5. one of my classmates, Alvin, slipped over on that area while he was chasing Glen (it successfully made the whole class laugh :D); and
    6. the water would stop dripping if the AC was switched off, but as the price, it would also make the classroom hot.

Due to those reasons, we had no choice better than moving to another available classroom. We did that as what Bu TB suggested last Wednesday. That’s at the period of her subject, IPS or Social Studies in Indonesian, and it’s right before the first break. After asking permission from Mr. Rick, our homeroom teacher who’s also our English teacher, we moved out.

The break time was almost used up for moving. At first, after packing our things, we moved to grade 9A’s classroom (the grade 9 students weren’t going to school as they had already finished their national exams). But when we reached there, we just realised that the room was locked. One of my classmates looked for the OG to ask for the key, while the others waited in front of the room, carrying their bags. After a moment the OG came with the classroom key. However, the door still couldn’t be opened although she’d tried to unlock it with the key.  Watching that incident, some of my friends helped her to unlock the door. It took a quite long time and the break’s almost over. So, we put our things on the corridor’s floor and some of us, including me, chose to have their recess there while the others quickly went downstairs to the canteen.

We were relieved that they finally managed to open the door before the bell rang. But after we went inside and placed our things, we noticed that the AC in that room wasn’t working. So Mr. Rick instructed us to move to the science lab on the third floor. How tiring it is! 😛

We went downstairs and entered the lab. Unlike our classroom, the science lab is twice larger. We sat together around one of the two lab tables, which each is enough for twenty students (we were sixteen). I had a feeling that my classmates really enjoyed it there; the mischievous boys removed a hand of the human skeleton model and then used it to surprise and frighten the others, such as putting it on a girl’s shoulder, and once Glen asked a friend to shake hands with him, while that skeleton’s hand was held by his palm which he wanted to shake with that person; Devin peeked through the skull’s eye of the model that shows the inner organs of the half-human body and murmured, “The human brain is so scary…”

Most of us (including me :3) were amazed by the chairs in the lab―it can be set to be both low and high. At Pak Kriston’s subject, matematika (mathematics in Indonesian), Devin walked around and purposely set the chair of each student to become low without asking their permission earlier. I was surprised that my classmates who were sitting suddenly looked shorter right after he did it ;). Plus, the top part of the chair can also be turned. I think Glen likes this feature a lot; he continuously turned his chair until Ms. Mary Grace or Ms. MG, our science teacher, scolded him because he did that instead of paying attention to her while she’s teaching.

On the next day, when we’re having our English quiz during the writing subject, Angel curiously asked Mr. Rick about the digestive system of a chicken after she saw its illustrations hung on the wall. He only laughed and asked her back, “Why are you asking about that non-related topic while the others are busy asking about this quiz?” And the rest laughed too :D.


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